How we make our knits

A wonderful film by Tushar Rajan Sharma

Take a look at the behind the scenes knitting and making process of our knit workshop, each piece is carefully made from start to finish. With zero waste and limited water use, knitting with surplus yarns and made to order, our fashion knits go through a conscious making process that is very rare in this era of fast fashion. 

We believe in quality over quantity, will always strive to keep our ethos and to surround ourselves with other sustainably minded, ethical brands and companies.

In the video you will see the step-by-step process in our north west London Workshop, seeing the designer and maker herself; using the classic hand framed (hand powered) Dubied knitting machine. This is a super heavy machine that has stood the test of time.  

You can see the surplus yarn that we have collected and carefully store, we have managed to saved over 200,000 kg of yarn from going into waste. 

We have a different approach to regular fashion houses, we don’t keep stock of finished garments, we only make our garments once the customer orders, this encourages consumers to buy with care and only what they need.

Made to order knitwear also means we do not need to discount to try to get rid of old stock, we make sure every piece is made with a great level of care and love.  

Each item is linked using a linking machine, which is a specialist machine to sew your knitted pieces together, it creates a chain stitch, which allows for extra stretch, as regular sewing machines will not be able to have this stretch.

Each piece is then hand washed, with the water being used to feed the garden plants. We air dry each piece flat outside, followed by steaming. Some of our pieces are machine washed to create a softer finish as well as felting our woollen jackets.   

Every piece is carefully inspected under the inspection lamp and a magnifying glass, this ensures that every stitch is in place and will last for many years. 

Our items are then carefully steamed, folded in our UK made recyclable, reusable paper or cardboard packaging.