Visible mending service


Visible mending service 

As much as we encourage everyone to try to mend your knits yourself, we appreciate not everyone enjoys to do so, or feels confident in carrying out this project. So, we offer our visible mending service on your beloved knitted pieces. You can choose to do mends in the same colour as your piece to make it less visible.

Visible mending: this would mean a contrast colour that will be visible /noticeable, made into something new. Each hole or damaged area will be repaired and celebrated, in varying ways, such as top stitch, runner stitch, lazy daisy, even personalised with initials. Darning being the most popular.


1cm < holes/areas: £10
1cm-2cm holes/areas: £15
3cm – 4cm holes/areas:: £20

This could vary depending on stitch style chosen

Postage is additional

Please send photos before ordering for confirmation of mending applicable: to

Made to order please allow 1-2 weeks for item to be mended then dispatched.



Visible mending
Save your knits

Reuse, Reinvent, Recycle

Damaged knits

Everyone has that wonderful jumper in their wardrobe they just can’t get rid of, but don’t know how to mend or even have the time to. That’s where we come in.

Visible mending

This is when you can see the mend, either by a contrast colour, or embroidered motif, showing light to the whole or damaged area.

Satin Stitch

The clip shows a sped-up version of a satin stitch; this even expands the whole but turns it into something new and beautiful.

Why visible mend?

With tonnes of garments being dumped into landfill due to multiple reasons, we all need to do our part in saving our garments, so many garments can be saved by simple solutions, with skills most people have lost.

All mended by hand in our London workshop

Using contrast applique brings a new depth to the garment

This example is same colour applique patch with simple contrast runner stitch in two different directions. Utilising our waste yarn and saving one garment at a time.

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<1cm, 1cm – 2cm, 3cm -4cm