How to take care of your knits

How to take care of your knits

Many people struggle with what to do when cleaning their knitwear. Either by shrinking it, mixing colours, how they dry, here are some simple techniques to make sure your knits will last years.  

Firstly, as a sustainable brand, the one thing we advocate is saving energy and water. Hence our first tip is; try to wash less. This seems simple but washing a jumper just after one wear is a big no no, there is no need to wash your knits this much. Unless you have dropped into a mud pit, just from day to day use, there is no need. Have the rule of 5, if you wear your item 5 times then maybe its ok to machine wash, however, aim for 10 wears before washing.  

Secondly, the best thing to do is spot clean, with your hand add a bit of cool water, rub gently and spot clean any impurities.  

Third, try to hand wash, add a small bucket of water rather than running the tap into the sink, this controls the water you use and wastes less. Use a gentle softener, mixed it in the water, immerse the jumper fully making sure the water and soup fully penetrate the fabric. Let it rest for several minutes, squeezing rather than ringing and stretching, gently empty the water in your garden or pot plant to not waste water. Lay flat on an old towel and let it air dry. 

How to store your knits, fold nicely and neatly, ideally keep in a cloth old tote bag to keep safe from the moths. Try to put a lavender stick to both keep it smelling fresh and it’s a natural moth repellent.  

Do not tumble dry, hot wash or over fill the washing machine if you go for machine washing your knitwear. Give yourself a challenge, to try to have 30 wears from your knits before washing them, this way it saves water, energy and allows your knitwear to last even longer.  

The other challenge are moths, they can eat away your lovely fashion knitwear, so make sure to fold your items and try to have them in a cotton cloth, make your own, can even be fun printed cloth, store with some dried lavender.