The Sustainable Fashion Collective

We recently were interviewed by Stephanie Steele from The Sustainable Fashion collective; we were floored by her compliments and knowledge of fashion as well as pure understanding of our ethos. It is so good to have a platform like this that really understands the nature of handmade and slow fashion. See the full blog post here

The Sustainable Fashion Collective offer holistic advice and guidance to aspiring ethical fashion entrepreneurs. They hold many masterclasses such as recycling fabrics and social impact of such. As well as technical tutorials with guiding on vegan fibres and cellulosic fibres, opening the plethora of sustainable fashion knowledge. They also have in depth knowledge and blog posts about zero waste fashion and second-hand September.  

The Sustainable Fashion Collective Valentina KarellasThey stand to unite the fashion industry with the most up to date and in-depth ethical fashion making process in all its levels.  

After lock down restrictions are lifted, we highly recommend checking out some of their workshops, very detailed and focused on a collective approach to learning, supporting the community for the greater fashion industry. Thumbs up to The Sustainable Fashion collective and their community, check out their website here and socials here 

Pre Covid, they also held fantastic events that many will benefit from, sustainable events like understanding clothing poverty, sustainable swimwear, sustainable fashion business networking events as well as zero waste talks and seminars. They offer a plethora of factual industry expert guidance and events that if you are interested in a sustainable and ethical fashion business will benefit from.  

There are also plenty of master classes available which goes in depth and delves into specific ethical issues that can be very helpful. Things like blogging for your business, how you can use technology and varying systems to help your sustainable business. Topics like recycled fabrics and what their social and economical impacts are.  

All in all, you will find something helpful in your sustainable and ethical fashion journey. Even if you are not looking to grow a brand, you are for sure going to learn something about ethically made products.  

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