Absolute Vodka Zero Waste Fashion Show

London Fashion Week Feb 2020. We were one of the lucky few brands selected by Absolute UK for a real life absolute trash catwalk. What do we mean by trash, well, as a zero waste brand like ‘bottletoppers’ and Elvis and Kresse, we were chosen to be part of a real-life catwalk of trash.  

Absolute Vodka were celebrating their sustainable routes and new recycled glass bottle by giving small zero waste brands a real-life catwalk to showcase our work.  

This was very exciting for us, as we got to be on the same catwalk as lovely ethical brands. All of which are so unique to each other. Really celebrating the different levels of fashion waste and bringing items that would have been thrown into landfill a new lease to life.  

That catwalk was decorated in trash itself as well all completely recyclable products served at the bar.  

There were brands like Labo mono that created cycling jackets out of recycled bottles, with their super bright colours, super fun prints, be sure to certainly look good riding your bike and be mindful that you have helped minimise waste by wearing a zero-waste brand. 

Brands like Elvis and Kresse showcased their lovely bags that are up cycled using decommissioned fire hose pipes. These are super fun, each one slightly unique to the next. Great way to utilise what would have gone to landfill into a work of fashionable art.  

We showcased our overstock cashmere knitwear, two looks one male and one female model, our handmade knitwear, zero waste was perfect alongside the rest of the designers. Ethically made in London, utilising every scrap into each piece.  

We thoroughly enjoyed the experience and loved the fact that we were on a catwalk of trash, thanks to Absolute Vodka.