Volunteered to make PPE

Back in the late spring of 2020 there was a PPE supply crisis globally, in the UK was no different, hundreds of articles with the PPE shortage for NHS staff, front line workers and care home staff. 

We had seen the Emergency Designers Network online calling out for makers and seamstresses to be able to offer their services to make PPE garments. We of course volunteered and made the most of the lock down. Check out their instagram here

Due to their great fundraising and volunteers running the show backstage, there was a very organised process, fabric was supplied and pre-cut, as well as delivered free of charge by Matches fashion. Even the patterns and instructions were supplied, which made the entire process seamless.  

Here are some behind the scenes images of the process, along with having to wear gloves and a mask while making was very difficult, due to needing a proper grip on the fabric, however it was worth it and all turned around within a week. 

We hope the local makers who have helped have encouraged more people to sew, as well as buy made in UK. We like to think we have all the facilities readily available in the UK to be able to supply PEE going forward rather than using imported goods. 

Initiatives like Make it British championed UK manufactures for a decade, they also helped spread the word to make PPE here in the UK.  

All in all, we enjoyed the process, we felt helpless in the fight against covid and it was the least we could do to help the key front-line workers.  

Making PPE for the NHS staff