Sustainability Lecture for VCU

In September 2020 we were asked by @fashionfilmfetish  to give a guest lecture for the students of Virginia University, but with a twist, for it to be Covid friendly by doing the lecture online. 

This was an exciting brief, as we had spoken at university lectures before in person, so with the added task of doing this online was for sure going to be interesting. The subject was about sustainability as an SME.  

It was important to speak to the students which spanned across the world the true nature of sustainability in fashion but also the pitfalls of undertaking such a difficult subject. The hour lecture covered the origins of the brand, why we started and what our ethical ethos is.  

We also covered what other small brands are doing to be ethical and prime examples of up cycling and fabric sourcing. We also covered what the large brands are doing and what is greenwashing.  

Covering topics like the macro economics of sustainable fashion and the realities of how to be a sustainable brand. There are many branches and avenues of how a brand can be more ethical, however, we covered utilising fabrics and garments that already exist, as we believe waste is one of the biggest causes of fast fashion and needs to be tackled first and most importantly.   

We gave examples of how the simplest ideas can work, that you do not need to over think the multiple ways to be sustainable but think logically and simply can be the best way. It is also important to have one focus and stick to it, to be true to the brand ethical ethos and making your story shine is imperative when you want to have authentic followers of your brand.  

The students were very open and had great feedback on the lecture, they have learnt the varying factors and will be taking on the ideas and explore more for their practical course.  

If you are a university or education body and would like to book us for a bespoke lecture, please contact us HERE.  

Talk for VCU on sustainability as an SME