Review and blog post by Natalia Lilja

Review and blog post by Natalia Lilja Valentina Karellas

Pic credits Natalia Lilja


The topic of sustainability is hardly something that we can manage to hide from today. We more or less see it everywhere, it pops up on the adds we receive, on the streets and let’s not forget about the retail industry where it is a hot subject that reappears. As the topic has grown so big and relevant in all industries, the fashion industry, that always moves a step ahead if not two, hardly has missed out on it. However, the whole concept as it’s grown bigger and more touchable has taken on to a new approach. Nowadays, the big retailers see it as a form of marketing and a form of approaching new customers to grow their business and not as the core message it really tries to communicate to us. This in return gives us a wrong approach and understanding of the concept really. So what is sustainability really all about then you might ask?…..

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Written by Natalia Lilja