Thanks to Make it British

Thanks to Make it British Valentina Karellas

Thanks to Make it British for ranking us in your top 40 list, below is the snippet of the blog post

Top 40 British-made knitwear brands

The ultimate guide to British knitwear brands – all made in the UK

British knitwear is world-renowned. It’s no wonder – the mechanical knitting machine was invented in England and the oldest operating factory in the world is owned by a knitwear manufacturer – John Smedley.

When it comes to quality, British knitwear can’t be beaten……

At Valentina Karellas every piece of knitwear is one-of-a kind. Valentina uses surplus yarn from large factories that would otherwise have gone to waste. The result: each piece of knitwear is a lifelong-lasting, entirely unique London original.