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Thanks to Style and Trashion Valentina Karellas Thanks to Style and Trashion Valentina Karellas Thanks to Style and Trashion Valentina Karellas

Thanks to Style + Trashion post on our knit pieces see below their review:

Valentina Karellas – The Walton Jumper

A gorgeous maroon jumper that boasts comfort, style, texture and warmth in one look. Included is the clever option of tying cuffswhcih changes the shape of sleeves depending on how you wear it.

Handmade in London from surplus Merino wool with the help of a vintage knitting machine.

Valentina Karellas

A sustainable approach to urban chic. London’s antidote to fast fashion. Welcome to Valentina Karellas where every piece of knitwear is one-of-a kind. The brand was founded by Londoner Valentina Karellas who studied at the London College of Fashion and also in Florence where she received her Master of Advanced Womenswear and has garnered experience across markets in Italy and China. Garments are created using surplus yarn from large factories that would otherwise have gone to waste. The result: each one is a lifelong-lasting, entirely unique London original.

Through their dedication to sourcing and handcrafting everything locally, Valentina Karellas continue London’s rich heritage of quality manufacturing. And while the larger fashion houses tend to mass-produce garments to fit the season, their designs are trans-seasonal, added to their range organically and fit for any time of year. As founder of her namesake