Tilney Beanie for curly and wavy hair

We were very excited to meet Mia Maugé from Instagram, after she sent a lovely message complementing our knits, so we thought she would be the perfect candidate to try our new Tilney beanie plus Cashmere silk lined for curly hair, we had the pleasure of seeing our new beanie on the lovely Mia and wanted to hear of her experience of our beanie and more, here is what we found out.

…It’s cosy and comfortable even with my hair out…

Mia Maugé

What do you think about ethical fashion? Are you a supporter? What is your opinion? I’m learning and I’m increasingly mindful.

Mia: Certainly, if there were two items that I liked one wasn’t sustainable and the other was, but it was more expensive, I’d opt to pay a little more to have the sustainable le one. 

Have you had issues finding sustainable brands that cater for your style?

Mia: This is the biggest hurdle very limited. 

Do you have any handmade knitted items already in your wardrobe?

Mia: I don’t (other than my Tilney Beanie)I did however just ask a friend who knits to recreate an old worn-out jumper that I love. She has a small business, creates knitting patterns and kits so I will insist on paying her of course.  

Have you tried knitting something yourself? If so, how was the experience for you?

Mia: Not since I knitted a scarf as a child. I loved it maybe I should try it again! 

Have you had issues with knitted beanies and hats in the winter?

Mia: I rarely wear knitted hats because they really mess with my hair type. I’ll only wear them if my hair is braided. 

What do you think of the Tilney Beanie plus? Do you like how it feels?

Mia: I genuinely do. It’s cosy and comfortable even with my hair out, and it suits my style of clothing too.  

What are your thoughts on the fact that the lining utilises upcycled silk scarves?

Mia: Kind to my hair and the environment too I love that!  

What other products would you think would be useful for curly hair?

Mia:I have a nice, knitted cardigan with a hood a silk lined hoodie would be cool! 

Do you find store bought knitted hats don’t fit as well or make your hair knotted or increase static when taken off?

Mia: Lol! All the above! 

Thank you, Mia, for your thoughts and experience with our cashmere silk lined Tilney beanie.  We have now had the pleasure of seeing the new Tilney Beanie on Mia.

If you wanted to check out her fab instagram feed and her beautiful curly hair here

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