Silk Lined Cashmere Beanie

This season we have come up with a lovely new addition to our beanie selection. We have investigated what is needed in the curly hair care world in terms of ethically made knitwear and taking care of your curly hair.  

We have come up with an up cycled silk scarf and used that as lining of our cashmere beanies. We have utilised over stock cashmere and created a warm beanie for both curly and frizzy hair. The silk helps protect the curls as well as the cashmere keeping you warm.  

Each beanie is different than the next as the lining is varying vintage silk scarves. The outer knit of cashmere is super soft as well, keeping you warm and stylish throughout the Autumn and Winter season.   

Why does curly hair need a silk lined beanie? The simple answer is any wool or cashmere fibre creates friction when rubbed or worn, that friction creates static, in turn adding more frizz to already frizzy hair. The silk softens and takes care of this issue, the cashmere overtakes care of the warmth in the winter.  

Check out how we have curly hair extraordinaire Helen Turner wearing our beanie. She wrote a fantastic detailed review of how our new beanie perform. Using a lovely silk scarf she had donated. Check out the link here

Here are the behind the scenes pictures of how we made Helen Turners Silk lined beanies.  

Why use up cycled silk? The production of silk is highly unethical, there is already so much silk fabric already made as well as beautiful silk prints in vintage fabrics, by using what we already have, saves fabric from going into landfill. It’s about utilising everything, it’s the most sustainable way to produce fashion and should be emulated with every brand. We believe in preserving what we already have and turning it into something we would use.  

By using vintage silk scarves each beanie becomes unique as we use one off silk scarves, which means we cannot repeat the same print on the inside. This adds to the uniqueness making each beanie special to that person.  

If you or your curly haired loved one might like one of these why not get one as a gift to yourself or for them for the holidays? Click HERE to shop

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