Using Pure British Wool

Using Pure British Wool   Sourcing yarns are the best part of being a knitwear designer/ maker, the feel, the weight, new colours, they are all new and exciting, so when I finally found a great Pure British wool that suits the style and look of the current collection, I was so pleased. Most people …

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Knitwear   What does it mean to me? It’s a pure form of fabric, the manipulation, the formation, all fluid and predictable. Being able to keep every yarn waste and reusing it in the accessories is deeply emotive, using waste and beautifying it is simply wonderful. Hope you enjoy.

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Untrend Vision

Untrend Vision   Altering fashion systems of seasons, trends and what’s in ‘now’, why limit to just a few months of a year, can something be beautiful and pleasing all the time? This brand bares my name, its deeply personal; it represents me and my thoughts, my narrative. The garments are molded from the machine …