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SS18 Fashion video

What a scorcher of a summer it has been, we have enjoyed every part of it. We have loved the feedback from all our fans regarding our bright summer cotton knits. To celebrate our summer, we thought to share our sustainable fashion shoot for our knitwear summer pieces. Even though we don’t work on traditional …

How its made

How we name our products

People often have asked how I came up with the names of each items, they are so unusual and varied, well in fact, as it’s a London label it was a no brainer… I look at the item either by style or colour, that inspires me to a particular area in London and hone in …


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Slow Fashion SS 17 fashion video

We had a joy making and creating all our knitted pieces for the summer SS17. We used luscious viscose and cottons. We kept everything light and airy for those extra hot summer days. As well as looking good, don’t forget all our pieces are handmade using surplus yarns. Enjoy our fashion video of sustainable fashion made …

How its made

How we work!

Here is how we differ from other brands: Circular Fashion: We don’t make hundreds of pieces at a factory, which later get discarded or even BURNT if unsold. Our pieces are ordered on the site,  made in our little workshop in North West London, carefully crafted then sent to your door for you to enjoy for years. Zero waste: Other …

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Sneak peak in the studio

Film by Paul Wyatt  and Royal college of Arts  Small look into the world of knitwear, how it’s made, from design to final product. There is a lot of work that goes into making each piece, especially in a small linear approach workshop. Each item takes meticulous thought and time to creating individual unique wearable …


Using Pure British Wool

Using Pure British Wool   Sourcing yarns are the best part of being a knitwear designer/ maker, the feel, the weight, new colours, they are all new and exciting, so when I finally found a great Pure British wool that suits the style and look of the current collection, I was so pleased. Most people …

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Knitwear   What does it mean to me? It’s a pure form of fabric, the manipulation, the formation, all fluid and predictable. Being able to keep every yarn waste and reusing it in the accessories is deeply emotive, using waste and beautifying it is simply wonderful. Hope you enjoy.

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Untrend Vision

Untrend Vision   Altering fashion systems of seasons, trends and what’s in ‘now’, why limit to just a few months of a year, can something be beautiful and pleasing all the time? This brand bares my name, its deeply personal; it represents me and my thoughts, my narrative. The garments are molded from the machine …